Costadilà, Rosso 2018

Costadilà, Rosso 2018

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NEW! The smaller but equally as beautiful younger brother to the Costadila Rosso 2 litre. This is super juicy with black cherries and plum, which balance incredibly well with aromatics of tobacco and dark chocolate. Incredibly smashable and coming in 2 litre formats offers absolutely insane value money both in size and quality. Juiced recommends!

In 2006 in the hills above Conegliano in the province of Treviso, Ernesto Cattel embarked on a project that went well against the grain. The rolling hills of the area are incredibly beautiful but with the popularity of its much drunk export, Prosecco, agricultural practices changed. Vines are now predominantly planted in the easily mechanisable and sprayable valleys. Spraying is often done by helicopter and there was a rumour that a local school had received a treatment during break time.

Producer: Costadilà
Region: Veneto, Italy
Grapes: Merlot, Refosco
Style: Red
Size: 2lt bottle

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