What is a Pét-Nat Wine?

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What is a Pet Nat Wine? The Pétillant Naturel style of making sparkling wine is as ancient as they come, it’s an incredibly intricate way of making sparkling wine that dates back to the 1500s!!

Pétillant Naturels i.e Pét-Nats have been produced for centuries in a very particular method, the méthode ancestral to be exact, a process that requires the producer to bottle the wine before the fermentation has finished. Carbon dioxide is then produced in the bottle from the leftover sugars on the grapes, leaving you with a deliciously light sparkling wine!

Producers in the last five years across the world have been reviving the mèthode ancestral, now it's a very popular and current type of natural wine that's taking the world by storm with its elegant bubble, versatile nationality and accessible price range falling on the £20-£30 mark.

“Pét Nat production is extremely variable and can be hard to control and therefore requires a level of expertise on the winemaker's part. The end result is a raw, rustic & lively wine”

Vicki Denig, VINEPAIR

Pét-Nats are the way forward if you want some bubbles in your life, they’re light, delicate and have the mouthfeel of a cross between champagne and a spritzer of sorts.

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And, they’re the complete opposite in terms of character and sophistication compared to that bog-standard Champagne or Prosecco people have to celebrate all sorts of events. Trust me, we all know you don’t like that shit… few people actually do so you’re not alone on that part.

There's no denying that ’bubbly wine’ is still seen as a luxurious alcoholic beverage, best paired alongside great events of celebration. And it’s quite obvious that sparkling or bubbly wine is still looked at as all of the above, but there's a new and improved angle to the conversation now. When you look at Pét-Nats to be specific - the wine you get is top quality wine, intricately produced by an independent, regional winemaker. If it’s your first few times going to buy a bottle of Pét-Nat then we’d suggest going by a beginners rule of thumb and don't pay anything more than £20-£30 for the bottle, you are guaranteed to find a lot of great options for that budget and it's a great place to start.

The luxurious experience stays present when you taste that fine bubbly Pét-Nat that you've paid a fraction of the cost from your usual champagne purchases.

There are honestly so many Pétillant Naturals out there for you to choose from, not a shortage in sight, believe us on that. Each year both the production and demand have increased steadily and we’re now approaching a stage where we are quite literally spoiled for options!