Is Seasonal Wine A Thing?

Is Seasonal Wine A Thing?

It’s that time of year again where days get shorter, nights get longer and the first frost of the year is pending.

Oh, and how could we forget? It’s the year of the menacing, worldwide stricken Covid_19 - Many of you across the world are being forced to stay home, stay safe and to only mingle with your immediate social ‘bubble’ for health and safety reasons.

Up until right now in this very moment there has never been a better time to stay at home, crack your central heating on full-blast, embrace the crisp orange/yellow falling leaves around you and to enjoy a few bottles of wine with the people you care most about.

Is Seasonal Natural Wine a Thing?

We at Juiced Wines say yes.

Now don’t get us wrong, a bottle of chilled, light-bodied red wine would never go a miss in our fridge regardless of the time of year; but with nature's elements getting darker and shorter come October, November and December we think it's time to start focusing on fuller-bodied wines that bring more structure, more depth, and as a result will make you feel optimistic and positive about the current change in seasons from Summer to Autumn.

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” By Andre Simon, French wine merchant, gourmet and wine writer (1877–1970)

What Kind of Varieties Suit The Seasons Upon Us?

Generally, you want to start moving towards medium or medium+ bodied red wines and fuller bodied white wines to help you get nice and cozy in your front room this time of year. As the cold nights become more and more evident you want a wine that’s slightly heavier on the body, a wine with a fuller mouthfeel that will help you bridge the gap between Summer and Winter!

White Wines for Autumn and Winter

Examples of some fuller bodied whites would be; Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and even certain Viognier out there due its creamy texture which is perfectly setup to stand up to some of the densest foods. Each of these grape varieties have an Autumn-like golden yellow appearance followed by a richer, bigger-bodied texture in comparison to your Summer whites i.e Pinot Grigio/Gris and Sauvingon Blancs.

Again, this is not to say you cannot drink a delicate, crisp Pinot Gris when it’s cold outside.

It all comes down to personal preference.

Red Wines for Autumn and Winter

When you consider red wines for Autumn it’s a matter of personal preference, something like a Pinot Noir works wonders just about any time of year due to its flexible versatility, but finding a proper medium-bodied red should be the goal for this time of year.

You want a wine that will help you smoothly bridge the gap between Summer and Winter, look out for red wines with a touch of spice to their taste profile, red wines with spice to their essence will work wonders served next to some well cooked, hearty Autumn foods i.e heavy stews, casserole, pie and gravy etc.

To get the most out of your Autumn red wine drinking experience keep your eye out for Carignan, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, these varieties not only provide that light-spicy flavour but they also carry a bigger body, accurately give you that richer mouthfeel and should ease you nicely into the Winter season.

Keep reading until the end where you will find our three favourite wines recommended for this Autumn season!

Time to Open An Orange Wine

Pay close attention to the colours around you this time of year, everything seems to be just a touch more orange and yellow - The fallen leaves in your front and back yard, the perfectly ripened pumpkins sat on the shelves at your local fruit and veg shop, even the whole colour scheme based around Halloween is orange! 

Your wine collection should also have an extra touch of orange to it this time of year. It just makes sense. And not just to satisfy your colour coordinating needs, but for actual taste and flavour related reasons, here’s why;

The general profile of an orange wine (which can differ) is big-bodied, relatively dry in most cases and has a lot of tannin flavours grabbing your attention similar to a full-bodied red wine. 

What you’ll notice most of all about orange wines is that they carry a certain boldness about them, they’re well structured and are quite present in the glass with regards to smells and appearance. That’s why we’re specifically recommending a bottle of orange wine be your first choice out of the collection this Autumn. The bold profile matches perfectly with your typically hearty Autumn dishes such as curries, fermented foods and dishes like kimchi or miso for our Asian-inspired friends and beefy/hearty stews as mentioned before.

Drinking Wine Seasonally Matters

In this new life we face where health and well-being are what matter the most being consciously aware of your food and drink intake is incredibly important!

It’s not that hard, you can eat and drink a little bit more seasonally based i.e matching a medium-bodied natural Carignan with a body warming, rich casserole. Not only will your body reap the benefits of your well matched dietary decisions, your mind will too. Believe me, it’s very gratifying.

Staying attuned with the planets ever-changing seasons will positively affect you in a way you’ve never felt before.

It’s worth the effort.

Our Three Favourite Wines for This Autumn

Costadilá, Rosso 2018

The Costadilá Rosso is super juicy with black cherries and plum balancing incredibly well. 

As the Rosso is made from Merlot and Refosco grapes this Italian red wine definitely deserves a place on your shelf this Autumn, it's got a medium body and delightful rich mouthfeel when you drink it. 

Lammidia, Coco 2019

Coco by Lammidia is an incredibly thought-provoking orange wine. Made from the Cococciola grape variety. A highly sought after orange wine from a super rare and uncommon grape, served in a coconut, what's not to love?! Lammidia’s Coco also has a medium body due to its vinification making it well-equipped to sit next to any of your hearty Autumn dishes this year. Not so much of a mouth warming richness but more on the acidic, sharp side!

Renegade, Vern 2017

Renegade is an urban winery making wines in London, they obtain grapes from a variety of vineyards across Europe and make natural wines in house. Renegade’s Vern is made from a delicious blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Think right bank Bordeaux. Kinda. This wine is nothing like you’d expect from Albanian grapes.  Silky, balanced tannins, blackcurrant, spice, a super complex and evolving wine that can age as well as any premium Bordeaux.