Natural Sparkling Wine

Pet Nats

Pet Nat which is short for Pétillant Naturel (meaning ‘natural sparkling’ in French) is now one of the buzzwords in the Natural Wine scene. Check out our latest selection all available for Next Day Delivery, 7 Days a week


    What is a Pet Nat Wine?

    If you’re looking for something a little different to drink, the look no further that Pèt-Nat.

    Pèt-Nat or Pètillant Naturel which means ‘natural sparkling' in French - comes in white, rose and, less commonly, red.

    But what makes Pèt-Nat an extra special bottle of sparkling wine?

    Pèt-Nat actually refers to the method used to make the sparkling wine. Usually, with conventional methods, once the initial fermentation is finished, a mixture of yeast and sugar is inserted to start the secondary fermentation. However, with Pèt-Nat, the unfiltered wine is bottled before the initial fermentation is completed and the secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle itself.

    Pèt-Nat wines are full of joyful bubbles that are created inside the bottles with very little or no intervention. Meaning that your Pèt-Nat sparkling wine at the work of grapes, time and nothing else.

    Now for a bit about the Pèt-Nat science:

    When Pèt-Nat is bottled there is a small amount of residual sugar
    as well as some ‘micro-bio’ or more commonly known as ‘fine less’—small amounts of grape skin and natural yeast—which ferments the wine.

    Bottles are sealed with a mushroom cork, which is commonly used for sparkling wine or a crown cap, and stored upside down in wooden slates. The fine lees settle in the neck of the bottle for winter and as the
    temperature rises in the warmer months, the residual sugar begins fermenting again, releasing carbon dioxide, creating your Pèt-Nat bubbles. 

    Producers in the last five years across the world have been reviving the mèthode ancestral, now it's a very popular and current type of natural wine that's taking the world by storm with its elegant bubble, versatile nationality, and accessible price range falling on the £20-£30 mark.