Radikon, "Sivi" 2018

Radikon, "Sivi" 2018

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One of our top 3 of all-time Orange wines this one! Unless you've been hiding under a rock during the Natural Wine craze you would have come across Radikon, A 12-hectare estate on the Slovenian border of Italy famed for its Orange wines which have great ageing potential but importantly are absolutely banging.

Pinot Grigio SIVI Radikon is a biodynamic, low sulphur wine where the grapes spend around 12 days on the skins giving it an unbelievably beautiful dark candied orange colour that is truly unique. On the palate, this is where things get fun, the wine is complex with the most prominent flavour being tangerine which is accompanied by a touch of spice and a savoury kind of texture. Its truly one of the OG's of the Natural WIne world and a must-try.

Producer: Radikon
Region: Friuli, Italy
Grapes: Pinot Grigio
Style: Orange
Size: 75cl bottle

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