Top Of The Pops Pack Volume 1
Top Of The Pops Pack Volume 1

Top Of The Pops Pack Volume 1

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Who doesn't like a bit of sparkle in their life? In our first of 3 packs dedicate to all things bubbles we've put together two great Pet Nat's from legendary producers Landron-Chartier and Chateau Barrouillet.

A juicy, easygoing, pale-pink Pet Nat. 100% Gamay which you already know means it's a certified Juice Bomb. No added sulfur and Bernard's signature fizz, great value, and one that's pretty hard to come by.

Producer: Landron Chartier
Region: Loire Valley
Grapes: Gamay
Style: Sparkling
Size: 75cl bottle

Splash! is a banging and lively 9% Pet Nat made without sulphur from a plot of 40-year-old Semillon vines. Vines are grown in clay and limestone with the wine itself super zesty lemon with lime aromas at first and a touch of fresh meadows in the finish. A fun little wine this with a cracker of a label to boot.

Producer: Chateau Barrouillet
Region: France
Grapes: Semillon
Style: Sparkling
Size: 75cl Bottle

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