Lucy M, Merlot 2018

Lucy M, Merlot 2018

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Anton's Merlot is a little on the funky side, wild but far more flavourful than your typical Merlot. Expect a deep, dark and concentrated plum notes working expertly alongside some spices and a sprinkle of fresh blackberry. It's an overall well-structured wine with Anton's signature flair thrown in for good measure.  

Lucy M is the brainchild of notorious Australian winemaker, Anton Von Klopper. Anton has made waves through the industry due to his uncompromising approach to winemaking aswell as his experimental flair which has and continues to produce some of the most interesting wines coming from down under. 

Producer: Anton van Klopper
Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia
Grapes: Merlot
Style: Red
Size: 75cl Bottle

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