Le Coste, Rusticone 2017

Le Coste, Rusticone 2017

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The Rusticone is a future unicorn with this being just the second time they have made this wine. Made from a blend of grapes both white and red from various parcels young and old. The hot, dry vintage left the two with pressings that were uncommonly tannic, but through skillful blending and gentle ageing, they have managed to produce a lively, earthy red wine that is full of character and big boys flavours.. 

The Le Coste duo are Clementine Bouveron and Gianmarco Antonuzzi who met in France while working for the guru Gerard Schueller in Alsace, France. The pair spent over 2years working with some of France’s most renowned producers before deciding to move back to Gianmarco’s village of Gradoli in Lazio’s north. Since moving back the pair have reinvigorated local grapes and are now making some of the most respected and original wines in the Natural Wine game.

Producer: Le Coste
Region: Lazio, Italy
Grapes: Blend
Style: Red
Size: 75cl bottle

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