Juiced Wines Nat Pack™ Sub - 2Pac-K

Juiced Wines Nat Pack™ Sub - 2Pac-K

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NEW! Juiced Wines Nat Pack™ 2 Pack Monthly Subscription has arrived!

As with all our subscriptions, we wanted to rip up the rulebook and focus on delivering the absolute best and small allocation wines each and every month not send out what we can get the best deal on or are oversupplied.

Nat Pack™ Sub 2Pac-K is a monthly sub getting you two of the best Natural Wines available that month. We don't take red, white, or orange only requests and the monthly subscription will include the hottest new wine regardless of variety.

So what is this?
The Nat Pack™ Sub 2Pac-K gives you 2 of the top releases or allocations we receive that month shipped directly to your door. We aren't doing white only, orange only, red only this pack will be the cream of the crop, the good shit.

How long have I got to sign up for?
It's a rolling gig, we aren't tying anyone up for a 12-month contract, who knows what could happen!

To confirm, what exactly do I get?
Now that would be telling, all we will tell you now is it will be 2 bottles of the most magical natural elixir you ever did try. The value will ALWAYS exceed what you pay!

As a sneak peak we have allocations from Patrick Bouju, Lammidia, Big Frank, Calcarius and loads more coming up.

When will I get it?
1 magical delivery every month, the exact date is down to our allocations landing, we will update all subscribers as to the shipment date.

Oh yea, you also get an exclusive 10% code to use on all wine purchases outside your sub, deal and a half aye :)

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