Juiced Wines | Juice Pack 2.0
Juiced Wines | Juice Pack 2.0
Miscela by Lammidia
Calcurius Orange

Juiced Wines | Juice Pack 2.0

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"I want a Juicy wine" is easily the most requested thing we get asked here at Juiced, so in our quest to make things easy AF for you to try the best Natural Wine has to offer we have created "The Juice Pack". This pack brings you 3 super unique and juicy wines from 3 incredible producers.

First up is Miscela by Lammidia, a wine expertly mixed with red and white grapes. Spontaneous fermentation and aging in steel tanks. A wine that presents itself with the right aromaticity, freshness, and body, and is distinguished by the ease and promptness of a quick sip.

Second up is Calcurius Orange with pure sunshine in a bottle. Taste-wise you're hit with a tangerine punch and a subtle citrus tang. At 11% alcohol and coming in a 1 litre bottle it's a fantastic Orange Wine with just the right amount of funk but with maximum juice.

Last but certainly not least is Nouv.eau, a banging new wave wine from Natural Wine visionaries Dote. Dote are pushing the boundaries of modern winemaking by spearheading using absolutely zero chemicals not only on the vines but the entire farmland. Nouveau is a light and fruity AF red made from a blend of Syrah and Viognier grapes that do their thing to create what can only be described as the Strawberry Lemonade of the Natural Wine world.

and there you are the ultimate Juice Pack!

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