Coruna del Conde, I'M NATURAL DON'T PANIC

Coruna del Conde, I'M NATURAL DON'T PANIC

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BRAND NEW IN THE BUILDING and quite possibly our favourite wine name of the year!

A seriously well crafted, high-quality Tempranillo wine here made from the old vines of Bodega Coruna Del Conde’s 5 Hectare vineyards in Burgos at the heart of the famous Ribera Del Duero region (approx 1,000 Meters above sea level). This wine is a serious wine with notes of dark fruit compote, ripe red cherries, a touch of spice, and balsamic that leads to a powerful, structured palate that is very fruity without a hint of sugar. It is concentrated without being extracted, and robust without being heavy – a feat that’s usually reserved for much pricier wines. The acidity is well restrained and complements the velvety texture on the palate along with light mineral tones and a gentle yet firm tannic finish. 

Producer: Coruna del Conde
Region: Ribera De Duero, Spain
Grapes: Tempranillo
Style: Red
Size: 75cl bottle

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