Château Lafitte, Argile 2019

Château Lafitte, Argile 2019

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HUGE NEW WINE! Château Lafitte are nothing short of legends in the winemaking game, Philippe and Brigitte Arraou have over the past 30 years made it their lives work turning a 14th-century manor house into one of the meccas of natural wine production. Their son Antoine now takes the reigns at the vineyard with all 5 hectares organic and biodynamically farmed.

Argile (Clay) 2019, a wine thrust into stardom through superfan Yard owner Ochin Clovis, this is nothing short of spectacular. 100% Petit Manseng and aged in terracotta the wines dry, mineral-rich wine with incredible balance. Peach spice aromas on the nose and a light semi fruity palate with ripe pear and a sprinkle of walnut, a very special wine in a super collectible bottle.


Producer: Château Lafitte
Region: Monein, France
Grapes: Petit Manseng
Style: White
Size: 50cl bottle

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