Cantina Furlani, Joannizza 2018

Cantina Furlani, Joannizza 2018

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It’s no surprise that this natural sparkling wine tastes a bit like an off-dry Riesling, because the grape Johanniter is a not-so-distant relative. Like the best Rieslings, this dry Johanniter has that perfect balance of fruit and minerality and like the best sparkling wines, it doesn’t stop there. At first, fresh from the ice bucket (or fridge), there’s lemons, exotic fruits, and white peach; then as it warms up a bit, notes of apple, dried fruit, almond, and even sherbet rose petals (if there was such a thing). This Joannizza is a first for Cantina Furlani, who specialise in sparkling wines, and while it’s not fair of us to have favourites from a vineyard, this is the one we tend to reach for most on a sunny day.

Producer: Cantina Furlani
Region: Trentino, Italy
Grapes: Joannita
Style: Sparkling
Size: 75cl bottle

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