Baptiste Cousin, Marie Rose 2019

Baptiste Cousin, Marie Rose 2019

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Olivier Cousin has been fighting the good fight for many years in Anjou, and the time has come for him to pass the reins off to his son, Baptiste. The spirit of the winemaker remains the same, working the vines with horses and biodynamic preparations, with no added sulfur or any other additives ever coming in contact with the wine.

Marie Rose, a delightful rosé wine made from the local Grolleau Gris grape. Baptiste Cousin, under his label Le Batossay, makes this formidable, fresh natural red wine. The colour of the wine is electric and cranberry in colour. On the palate, you'll find lush purity of fruit that's full of character.

Producer: Baptiste Cousin
Region: Anjou, France
Grapes: Grolleau Gris
Style: Red/Rose
Size: 75cl bottle

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