▶︎ PLAY, ú lalala Feat: Dlúhé Grefty
▶︎ PLAY, ú lalala Feat: Dlúhé Grefty

▶︎ PLAY, ú lalala Feat: Dlúhé Grefty

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The final release from the ▶︎ PLAY 2020 collection from Czech Natural Cider mavericks Utopia is na ná nánana, a grape and apple coferment collaboration between Utopia and one of the up and comers from Eastern Europe, Natural Wine producers, Dlúhé Grefty

Made from conventionally grown resistant apple varieties from South Bohemia which were bruised by hail and unwanted by supermarkets along with Dlúhé Greftys Gruner Veltliner and Cabernet sauvignon skins. The juice is produced by spontaneous fermentation by wild cultures, without filtration, clarification or pasteurization with no added sulphites, sugars, acids, tannins, enzymes, aromas, preservatives, sterilizers, colourings or water!

Producer: Utopia x Dlúhé Grefty
Region: Czech Republic
Grapes: Apples, Gruner Veltliner, Cabernet sauvignon
Style: Cider/Grape Coferment
Size: 75cl Bottle

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