Natural White Wines

White Wines

Whether your a fan of Riesling, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc we've got you covered with the largest collection of natural, organic and biodynamic bottles of white wine in the UK


    Natural White Wine

    The colour of white wine is more of pale amber or bright yellow than white. Many traditional and conventional white wines are fined and filtered during the wine making process adding additivies such as albumin or bentonite into the wine which attracts and bonds with small particles of grapes. The bonded particles are then removed however some experts of white wine claim that not all of the substances can be removed, and that the additives change the flavour of the wine.

    Natural white wine however is un-fined and unfiltered meaning in many cases sediment is present within the bottle. Some winemkaers utilise one very particular and traditional method for producing white wine in which they macerate the skins of the grapes for a much longer period than a traditional white wine. It is a similar method to one used for making red wines. The result of this process is more colour from the grape skin is transferred into the wine which produces an orange hue It is also called “long maceration white wine”.