Gut Oggau, Emmeram 2018

Gut Oggau, Emmeram 2018

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Emmeram is a 100% Gewurztraminer wine, fresh, dry, aromatic, and generally just a real banger of a wine. Emmeram is slightly more quirky and out there than any other member of the family and brings a far more exotic vibe to the party. Full of character and easily one of favourites!

Gut Oggau is a 14 hectare Austrian wine estate located in the province of Burgenland by the Lake Neusiedl. The estate is run by Eduard Tscheppe and his wife Stephanie, daughter of a 2 Michelin star restaurant owner. It is a certified biodynamic estate with each wine coming from a single plot of vines with different terroirs showing different expressions in the wine. The individual personalities of the wine are expressed in the faces on the labels created by Jung von Matt (German designer) and brought together in the Gut Oggau family tree. A unique and fascinating way of describing the wines, they taste every bit as intriguing as the labels suggest.

Producer: Gut Oggau
Region: Burgenland, Austria
Grapes: Gewurztraminer 
Style: White
Size: 75cl bottle

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