Brendan Tracey, Gorge Seche 2019

Brendan Tracey, Gorge Seche 2019

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Super easy drinking, fun and light red wine from Brendan Tracey. Straight off the bat your hit with cranberries and strawberries with just a touch of spice and the perfect dose of minerality. For us this has to be chilled, so whack in the fridge 45mins before drinking that perfect touch of summer.

Brendan Tracey half-French, half-American winemaker, who in a previous life was lead singer in San Franciscan punk band The Insults, and who grows none of his own grapes, instead relying on a network of like-minded growers near his home in the Loire Valley’s northern reaches. Brendan has an uncanny skill in producing wines of esoteric drinkability that are an unfailing match for a sunny day spent outside. 

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