Anne & Jean-François Ganevat, Cuvée Madelon 2018

Anne & Jean-François Ganevat, Cuvée Madelon 2018

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Declared "Best Winemaker of 2018" by the Revue du Vin de France, Jean-Francois Ganevat is a pretty deal. His meticulousness and attention to detail can't be beaten, and his unique knack for unlocking all the nuances of the terroir in his wine is genuinely awe-inspiring. His 8 hectares vineyard in the Jura only grows the most exceptional fruits with the grapevines used for his wines averaging around 50 years old.

The Cuvée Madelon is a ruby, intense red cherry and liquorice Red which is so complex even our resident wine writer has trouble giving it its dues. We found when first tasting the wine it starts off a little edgy but after its left to breathe, it keeps developing rounds and rounds of different flavours. A proper conversation starter, this one.

Producer: Anne & Jean-François Ganevat
Region: Jura, France
Grapes: Gamay Blend
Style: Red
Size: 75cl

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